Baby In Car Bands

BIC Band


BIC Band is a brand new business that specializes in a new product that prevents hot car deaths. We provide band devices that come in multiple colors. Our product stops the infant deaths due to accidents of being left in the car. Here, BIC stands for ‘baby in car’ bands. We serve nationwide. 

BIC Band

Keep Your Baby Safe

Once you attach the bands to your wrist, it alerts you if you still have the band on and are away from the car. The band serves as a reminder that you may have forgotten your child in the car. This way, the band helps you to keep your baby safe. Currently, we offer the bands in two colors – pink and blue. 

BIC Band

About Us

At BIC Band, we are a team of experts that strives to keep your baby safe by preventing hot car deaths. Our BIC band comes with quality and durability. We help all individuals and people with families, to stay alert while stepping out of the car.